A living wage for
a thriving city

When Burien workers earn a living wage, our whole community benefits. 

Wages in Burien aren’t keeping pace with nearby cities, or with the cost of living – especially rising housing costs. Right now, a person working a full-time minimum wage job in Burien must spend over 60% of their income to rent a 1-bedroom apartment.


When workers earn a living wage, everyone benefits. Families have more income to spend at local businesses and on necessities like childcare and health care. They’re less likely to miss a rental payment and become homeless. Good jobs make our communities stronger.

We're a grassroots community coalition working to give Burien voters the opportunity to raise the minimum wage

We're gathering signatures to get living wages on the ballot in November 2024. 

Large Employers

Over 500 employees worldwide

Will have to match Tukwila’s and Renton’s minimum wage.

Medium Employers

16-500 employees

Will have a 3-year phase-in period.

Small Employers

15 or fewer employees

will have a gradual 7-year phase-in period.

Access to Hours

Large and medium employers must offer additional hours of work to qualified part-time employees before hiring new employees or subcontractors.

We need your help to get this on the ballot!